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Slogan Slings are the best things since, sliced bread, peanut butter and jelly, and canned beer. 
~Johnny B


It is apparent to me, my man. You have made a better mouse trap. 
~Supreme Court Justice Antonin S


Best Gun Sling Ever Made! 
~Melissa B


Just wanted to tell you thanks for the great product.  A hunting guide friend of mine in Montana has one of your slings and when I recently bought a new rifle, I knew exactly what sling I wanted for it.  Your quick shipping was appreciated too. 
~Dave H


I just received my slings today.  Thank you so much for the great product and the great service.  I really appreciate how hard you tried to get this to me.  I am excited to get these mounted on my bow and rifle.  I'm looking to many years of good service from your products.  Thanks again for the extra effort you went through to get your products to me, and good luck! 
~John Y


I am just penning this note on my return from Zimbabwe. On this safari I tried your Magnum rubber sling on my .416 Rigby while buffalo hunting. After the first day, it was quite evident as to the superiority of the Magnum rubber sling over any other that I have used. Through the jessie, over the hills, and in the valleys along the Zambezi river, your sling was essential. No sling has ever been as comfortable, non-slipping, and steady on the hold. My only change to your sling was the substitution of quick detachable metal sling swivels, in case the sling needed to be dispensed with in a hurry. 
~Lawrence G M.D.


Slogan slings keep my guns on my shoulder. The backpack position is quick and handy. But they are hands down the most versatile and best shooting slings I have ever used. 
~Mark O


Received my sling the other’s is great. I have a tactical rifle that weights 16.5 lbs and it does a fine job. Thanks for a great product.  
~Stephen N


I got it and I love it … I will be ordering a couple more today! 
~Paul M


I got my sling in the mail today. Just like you stated, I am very impressed with your sling. I saw you demonstrating this sling at the Hillsville, Virginia show. I was impressed then, but could not afford your sling. I just wanted you to know I held on to your card for many years, and wish I would have purchased one a long time ago. I will be telling friends and family about your sling. 
~Seth H


Thanks, and I wish you continued success. Your belief in your product is evident. This sling is going on a Ruger #1 .270 on a Caribou hunt this Sept. 
~Steve M


I just found your website. Years ago I bought the Ultraflex Sling, both for my rifle and bow. To this day it is the best gun sling bar none for the reasons you have always demonstrated. I just ordered another one and let all my buddies know where they can get it as well. Great product!!  Thanks for still making it.  No sling out there more securely holds a rifle under all hunting conditions than this one! Thanks so much. 
~Dr. Harald H


I received the replacement screws that you sent me and am back in business! I am happy to have your sling back on my model 70 before deer season! It is without a doubt the most comfortable, hassle free sling I have used. You make a quality product. Thanks so much. 
~Rick B


Hi. I recently purchased 4 new slings from you, as I've used 3 of your slings for several years, given friends a few others, and I agree they are the best!  
~Roger H


I have had many slings, but yours is the best. I just ordered 3 more.  
~Kelly K


Hello, just wanted to let you know I just purchased my second Ultraflex Sling. They are a great product and I would recommend them to everyone. I purchased my first one in 2003. I tried several other so called non-slip slings and none came close to working as well as yours. I don't see myself purchasing any slings but yours from now on. They work great!!! Thank You. 
~Allen S


Thank you! I've promoted using your slings in Quebec, Wyoming, New Mexico, New York, and the Yukon. They really are the best!!!  
~Roger H


Hello, I purchased one of your slings for my Remington 1187 about 7 years ago and have loved it since! I just ordered another for my TC Venture 270 and can’t wait to use it. Absolutely great product! As my 4 sons age (oldest 11 now), I will be buying many more! Thanks. 
~Andy W


Today I ordered another sling from your company. I wrote you a couple weeks ago for some ordering information and since was lucky to bag a nice buck with my crossbow here in Pennsylvania. I’ve had my crossbow for 2 years, and if you have ever hunted with one you know they can be fairly awkward to carry with a conventional sling. I tried it and soon realized I needed the Ultraflex sling to keep the darn thing from slipping off of my shoulder. Since I hunt with a variety of weapons I decided to invest in another one of your quality products. In this day and age, it’s nice to find a product that performs as advertised.  
~Tim T


I just barely requested a repair part last week, and have received it in the mail already!!! Thank you, great product and great customer service! 

~Kim H


Do your slings ever wear out? I have had my slings for at least a decade and they look the same as when I bought them. And it’s not because they collect dust, I hunt hard with them.  Great product Slogan, keep it up! 
~Francis L


My sling arrived today. Excellent service from the US. Thank you. 
~Chris M


Hi Slogan team. We had the chance to use your sling in Idaho last week.
~Mike R


Thank you for the speedy service!! I received the slings on Friday along with the replacement swivel screw. The Magnum sling works perfect on my 11 lb. Ithaca Mag 10, love it. The second sling is a present for my grandson. I personally own four of your slings. They’re mounted on two shotguns, a rifle, and a CVA Accura MR muzzleloader. Great product! Thank you.  
~Joe O


Purchased your sling, I can't remember how many years ago. They are by far; the best slings money can buy. Mine is for my rifle. It withstood everything I threw at it and still looks brand new. Keep up the good work. My friends also purchased them. Just learned how to use email or would have thanked you sooner. 
~Judy R


I received my sling and I'm pleased with it. I ordered the sling just under my personal name for one of my rifles just to see if it works as claimed on TV and it does. 
~Rick S


All my name brand slings of yesterday are packed away collecting dust. Only slings I use on any of my guns are slings from Slogan Outdoors. Varmint rifles, turkey shotguns, and deer rifles all have Slogan Outdoors slings on them. They look good on the most classic high grade wooden stocked rifle to the modern day synthetic weather warrior of a gun. 
~Dan B


GREAT slings!  
~Neil M


I bought one of these slings several years ago, maybe 15 to 17 years ago not really sure. It is absolutely the best sling I have ever seen or used. I have not had any problems with it. It does not slip off my shoulder. It is also a comfortable sling to use. I will be buying several more. The best sling I have ever used. 
~John M


My go to sling for everything, period!! I will never lose my shotgun in the marsh or river again no matter what crazy position I find myself in!! No slip, works great, thanks Slogan!!! 
~Guy H


These slings do everything Slogan Outdoors says they do! I will definitely be getting more of them! 
~Fred L


I have never felt more secure in mountain country. Thank you Slogan for a terrific product! 
~Thomas C


I purchased a sling for my crossbow and a sling for my AR15. Love them both, thanks. 
~Troy F


My son and I have hunted miles of tough terrain.  Our Ultraflex slings have those miles pleasant with the backpack position. 
~Jonathan W


I started using my bow sling on my shotgun during last turkey season...well earlier this Spring. I used it to haul 2 birds back up out of the river bottom! 2 birds one shot! If not for the sling, it would have been 2 trips. 
~Kris D


Best slings on the market! 
~Brandon B


Best rifle slings out there.  
~John T


I will see you next month at the Columbus, Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo. Great long lasting products. 
~Travis H


Very best slings on the market, bar none. I have two. 
~Vic P


The best sling going. 
~Allen R


Awesome slings. Only slings I have. 
~Dan B


Absolutely the BEST slings I have ever owned! 
~Neil M


I’ve had one of yawls’ slings for 20 years and it’s just one of those things that makes you say (best thing I ever bought for hunting). I use it on my 22LR, 300WM, 50MZ, and 12 gauge; so it’s been put thru the ringer and still going strong. 
~Jason B


I have the original Ultraflex sling and love it. It works very well. Stays in place and is very comfortable. 
~Chris S


You guys went beyond making a great product for the hunting industry.  Slogan slings are the very Best! 
~Kyle A


My family will never use any other slings than a sling from Slogan Outdoors. There is not another sling that even comes close to the Slogan slings.
~ Tyler R


It never occurred to me that I was having difficulty hunting because of the sling I was using. I bought the Ultraflex sling some years ago at a hunting show. At first I thought it may be just another item for the gun safe. I used it the in the coming hunting season. I have never been more pleased with a purchase. The sling did everything the guy at the booth said it would, to the letter. Since than I have bought 7 more slings from Slogan. Thank you Slogan Outdoors for a hunting-life changing product. 
~Billy C

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